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On the 5th of April, We Have Band have officially released their first album, an abbreviation of their own name.

Reviews have been diverse. Pitchfork gave the on the 5th of April released album a 3.7 out of 10, obviously not impressed by what the trio put together on the cd. Several other reviewers give 4 out of 5 stars, being more optimistic about the 12 songs coming to 45 minutes.
What it is about, is that the band is compared with Talking Heads, Hot Chip, Bloc Party and many more. You either like this fact, because all three named before are worth copying. Or you don’t, because it lacks inventive lyrics, and is a mix of already existing music.
You can name it what you want, liking or disliking it, but one thing is sure, there are some tracks on this album who you must appreciate. Divisive and Centerfolds & Empty Screens are catchy and make you want to dance, that’s all you need right? And having listened to the album for a couple of times now, I have to see that I like it, a lot. Even though it is said to be ‘copied’, it sounds great. No way of getting around that!
And don’t forget that the video is pretty funny.

And to finish it, the song that made them known, but in my opinion isn’t as good as the above. But again, good video!

Apr 28, 2010