It’s here! – Updated
Geschreven door .
Kele Okereke just announced that his new single Tenderoni is getting its first play tonight, somewhere around 7pm UK time! UPDATED: it was/is good.

This is it, the first time it was played on the radio is passed, and of course, it’s on YouTube already!
Kele goes very electronic on this, but it suits him. You can almost say it is wilder and more extravagant then his Bloc Party stuff. I don’t mind at all, it sounds great. It only makes me more curious as to what his album The Boxer will be!
The more I listen to this song, the more perfect it gets. The built up, the high pitched voice that occasionally comes along, the ‘happy ending’, the this the that, the everything!!
Check out his site too, for concert dates:

Apr 28, 2010