Thom Yorke @ Coachella
Geschreven door .
Sorry all the people that were not at Coachella, but this is the last post that will make you unhappy. After this it is just new music again, but this show was soooo good…

First he played almost his whole Eraser album with his band Atoms for Peace. He went of the stage for 2 a 3 minutes and got back on alone to play 2 songs which he wrote as Radiohead songs, Everything in it’s Right Place and Airbag. That wasn’t the only thing he played alone. He did a song where he looped a couple of his own vocals, from the upcoming album.
When the rest of the band came back on, they played a few songs where the influence of Flea was present. The songs sounded funky, but still the touch of Thom Yorke was there, a good mix of those two.
For me this was the first time I saw the british genius play live, and it really touched me. A musical masterpiece of a show, with a frontman who is good with the crowd. He said stuff like: “You had a long night, but now you need to freak out, FREAK OUT!” or “With all the energy you have left now, dance.” Always good interaction.
Sorry for the bad quality of some of the songs.

The looping song, amazingly beautiful:

Songs from the next album:

Apr 22, 2010